1How does a Bitcoin ATM work?
All you need is an e-wallet and a receiving address. For purchases over 500 EUR you also need an official photo ID (identity card, passport or driver's license) in order to carry out the legally required verification. Your data will be stored on our servers according to the highest security standards and will not be passed on to third parties.
2How does the purchase work at the ATM?
1. Download a wallet to your smartphone
2. Click on the box "Buy bitcoin" or "Buy altcoin"
3. Scan your receiving address (QR code)
4. Insert selected amount
5. Check your receiving address (QR code) and press "Send Cryptocurrency"
3Do I have to register or verify?
Amounts up to and including EUR 500 per transaction can be purchased at any time without registration or identification. For amounts greater than EUR 500 a one-time verification by means of official photo ID (ID card, passport or driver's license) is required. The verification usually takes a maximum of 30 minutes. After you have verified yourself, you can always buy amounts over EUR 500.
4How and where do I get support?
Please note that on-site staff can not provide information about the machine. If you have technical problems, please contact our support.