Local partnership

You would like to make your location available for an iQ ATM and earn money? The requirements are relatively low. In addition to a suitable location, you only need power and an Ethernet (LAN) or wireless LAN (WLAN) connection. Depending on the available space, the ATM can be fixed to the wall or by means of floor mounting.

The location is an important factor for success. A high customer frequency ensures more transactions at the machine and a higher turnover. In support of this, your location will be promoted by IQCashNow - which also brings additional customer frequency into your core business.

Benefits of installing our machines in your company:

  • Commission from profit (deposit and withdrawal)
  • Higher customer frequency
  • Promotion of your location on the Internet and on social media channels
  • Secure collection by security service
  • No risk of burglary and theft
  • Free transportation and installation of the ATM
  • Service hotline from 06:00 a.m. to 00:00 p.m.